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Greetings, Hipsters!
Hipster n, noun One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes.

Deepu K Sasidharan

Solution Designer, Core JHipster, OSS enthusiast




Lets see how to build a JAVA web app

The traditional way

What are we gonna build?

A blog application

What features do we need?

All cool features!!
I'm just greedy

What is required for that

How much is that gonna cost me

How much is that gonna cost me

21 days | 4 weeks

Thats without velocity, which would add another 2 weeks

Isn't there another way since we have come so far with technologies?

Yes there is and thats JHipster

Lets build the app with JHipster right now!

Thats 167 hours more for gameplay!

Thats 83 cups of coffee saved!

Thats 20 more days spent on vacation!

So what exactly is JHipster?

+ + =

JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + AngularJS application.

Some stats

200k + overall downloads(npm, devbox, docker)

10k + app generation per month

12k + unique users


Is that it?


Wow thats a lot! But wait..

Sub generators

Entity - Create, update entities
Import-jdl - Create entities from a JDL file
Service - Create a spring service bean
Language - Install additional languages
Client - Generate a client side app skipping the server stuff
Server - Generate a server side app skipping the client stuff
docker-compose - Generate a complete docker configuration for microservices
AWS - Build and deploy to AWS
Cloudfoundry - Build and deploy to Cloudfoundry
Heroku - Build and deploy to Heroku

I hear you,
you want even more!!

JHipster Modules

Ok its getting overloaded!

You can explore these repo for more!

JDL Studio

JHipster UML

JHipster Module generator

Hipster Labs org

Say "Microservice" one more time!

I dare you! I double dare you!

"yo jhipster"

Oh no you didn't!

Microservice projects

JHipster Registry - Eureka + spring config server
JHipster Console - Monitoring and Alerting with ELK
JHipster Dashboard - Hystrix Dashboard
JHipster OpenID connect (WIP) - Open ID connect server

Real world Experience


Questions? ThankYou!

Reference & Inspiration

JHipster website
This video from Matt Raible
This video from JFokus

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